Acoma Pottery

Acoma Pottery

History of Acoma Pottery

In Southwestern New Mexico, settled on a high sandstone plateau is the most established local area in North America. The people of Acoma Pueblo have lived here for a long time, creating a rousing abundance of culture and craftsmanship. The Acoma are part of the Native American Indian people who speak Keresan. They reside in the Mogollon mountain area of New Mexico. 

The Acoma pueblo is most popular for its remarkable pottery style and strategy. Employing methods that have been in existence since the Acoma began in 1150 A.D. Perhaps their most prized possession, Acoma pottery is the pride and joy of the Acoma people.

Even though they were made for domestic use, the long, slender neck and fluted rim are endearing.

Like most customary earthenware, the Acoma potters made these articles considered as functional items. For example, utilizing them for capacity, drinking, eating, and other formal purposes.

Acoma Pottery Symbols and Marks

Some symbols used in the designs of Acoma pottery include:

 1. Geometric patterns and shapes.

 2. Animal motifs and drawings on the pottery.

 3. Feathers and birds and water designs.

Meanings of Acoma Pottery Designs

The major reason for the use of symbols and nature-inspired drawings is because the Acoma people believe in respecting all things as though they were alive.

Acoma pottery features certain peculiar symbols, all of which have their significance to the potter and every other person. Some are:

 1. Thin parallel lines running down the pottery signifies rain.

 2. Animals signify wisdom, boldness, cunning, strength, music, fertility, speed, healing, etc.

 3. Spirals signify continuity and cycles; of life, energy, etc 

 4. Arrows usually refer to power and/ or direction.

 5. Circles signify the earth and/ or celestial bodies.


Before being relegated to function as ornamental pieces of pottery, Acoma pottery was used for a wide variety of purposes. Before now, they were used to store seeds, water, supplies for farmers and hunters who were going on journeys, etc.

Whether they’re being used as decorative pottery or for functional purposes, Acoma pottery is, no doubt, beyond special. Several Acoma pottery pieces are featured in museums and on shelves of collectors around the world.

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